Hello! You might wonder who the hell am I. Well, to answer you shortly - my name is Marjan and I come from Serbia.

Professionally, I'm a DevOps engineer who is interested in various topics, some of them include, sustainability in IT, Kubernetes, DevOps practices and principles, Git, CI/CD, Observability, automation, Golang, and architecture...

Personally, I'm a curious human who rock climbs a lot, reads whenever he has some time to spare and enjoys exploring and learning new things, languages, game of Go (Baduk), and so on...

What is this blog about?

Here, I will be rather selfish and write about things that interest, inspire, and amaze me the most. Both personally and professionally.

These writings will help me learn more about many topics, explore some new things, and share some interesting ideas. Those topics include - rock climbing, tech stuff, books, teas, podcasts, motivation and personal growth, and I'm sure many more to come. Hence, the name Wondering Chimp.

My plan is to post once a fortnight (every second Monday). And I'll update the social networks a couple of days after, usually. We'll see if I'm able to stick to that plan.

I hope you will find something useful here. Relax and enjoy the journey. I know I will.

Ways to reach me

In case there is something you wish to share with me, add some comments, or feedback, if something I wrote was wrong, you can use some of the following channels to reach me:

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Tools used on this site

  • The whole website is available through Ghost subscription - a non-profit organization building open-source technology for journalism
  • Posts are written in Visual Studio Code - a lightweight but powerful source code editor which runs on your desktop and is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Free and built on open source.
  • I track changes in my posts with Git - a free and open-source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
  • The Git repository is hosted on a private GitHub repository - a website and cloud-based service that helps developers store and manage their code, as well as track and control changes to their code.
  • For comments, I use the native Ghost feature.
  • Also, I automate a lot. Posts on this site are automatically scheduled through the native Ghost scheduling feature. Posts on other socials are scheduled via the exceptional (and free) Buffer tool.


Any views or opinions expressed here are strictly my own and not those of my employer (or any past employer). While I am a blogger who works for Zuehlke Engineering, blogging is not my job for that company; it’s my personal passion. As this is a personal blog, not a corporate blog, I am solely responsible for all content published here. Content published here is not read, reviewed, or approved in advance by my employer and does not necessarily represent or reflect the views or opinions of my employer.

Writing about climbing doesn't make me an expert, and I don't perceive myself as one, this is just the thing I'm passionate about.

Climbing is an innately risky and dangerous sport/activity. The content on this blog is not intended to replace the need for professional climbing instruction. Professional instruction and supervision are necessary to learn to safely climb and/or safely practice techniques that are described in my climbing-related posts.

Stay safe and have fun!